Why Should You Choose Seamless Gutters For Your Home?

Rainwater runs off more on some parts of your roof than others.  Since soil expands with the absorption of water and contracts when it dries, controlling the flow of the runoff that comes down from your roof is crucial.  The soil tends to expand unevenly, leading to erosion.  A leading cause of foundation damage is the uneven expansion and contraction of the soil that surrounds your house, which will affect the structure of it.  Wet basement floors and walls, water damage and fascia rot can also become a problem.

Splashback is another problem homeowners face when not having seamless rain gutters or no gutters at all.  Once the water hits the ground, it shifts the soil, harming plants and dirt, or mud flings to the side of the building.  This also creates a recessed area at the base of your home where ponding occurs, attracting unwanted insects like ants, mosquitos, roaches and termites.

The problem homeowners have with a standard rain gutter system is the joints in them, which make the gutters weak.  They allow rainwater to escape the gutter and drip down.  This could damage your siding, bringing up debris onto your house, or even the erosion of your landscape.

Seamless gutters help eliminate these problems.  They take the rainwater runoff from your roof and move it away from the foundation.  This helps prevent the unevenness of the soil expansion and your landscape is unharmed.  They also help prevent stains on the walls of your house and protect the roof edge from fascia rot.

Investing in a seamless rain gutter may be slightly higher, however, over time, you will save in the multiple repairs or replacement of the standard rain gutters and not having to take care of other issues that come along with them (i.e. foundation issues, landscaping etc.).

Seamless gutters are made from a variety of materials, which include aluminum, copper, steel and vinyl. They are made into several different color patterns, which is an added bonus, making seamless gutters desirable by homeowners because they can match the color scheme of their home.  This also adds curb appeal.

The gutters that you have installed with us are produced on the job, in one continuous length needed to fit the unique specifications of your home.

Rain gutters are an inexpensive and simple solution for protecting your all-around investment…..your home.